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FRT Fire Resistant Fiber Glass Protective Tube

Rated Volt.:600V

Withstand Volt: 6700V

Dielectric strength: 15KV

Rated Temp.:-60℃~+260℃

Temperature withstanding:

1090C deg.: 15-20 minutes

Peak 1650C deg. For 15-30 seconds.


Dia.Range: 8mm-150mm

Color: brick red etc.



8-150mm:  25Mtr/roll

Standards: EN60884/1,  UL1441


Mechanical properties 


Good Mechanical stress resistance, Good resistance to UV.



FRT Fire Resistant Fiber Glass tube is made of knitted high bulk glass fiber with very thicker SR on the out layer. It can withstand repeated exposures to molten steel, molten Aluminium and other high temperature environment. It is strong resistant to industrial grades up to 1650C deg. at short time.

It is excellent insulation materials for protection of high voltage, fire resistant level use.



Used where high temperature conditions insulation protection, for home electric appliance, Lighting, high voltage machines like transformers, generators, motors, traction machines.


Size for order : 8mm----150mm

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